Melika - Belly Dancer - Calgary, Alberta, Canada     403-383-3043
About Melika
Melika is an enthusiastic and energetic woman who loves to live, laugh and dance. She has been belly dancing since 2002, and believes belly dancing is an art form, an art all woman can learn no matter their age or size.
Raqs Sharqui (“belly dance”) is a form of personal expression which can free the soul.  Melika’s teaching style focuses on building a solid base of technique upon which students can grow and expand their dancing persona, and above all – to have fun doing it. Dancing is a joy, not a job!!!
Melika is an original (and current) member of The Little Fish Belly Dance Company, as well as danced with Daughters of the Nile Senior Troupe from 2008-2010. She performs in various shows, events, and charity functions throughout the city, including charity events produced by the Little Fish Belly Dance Company – Bellies for Breast Cancer and The Winter Spectacular show.
Melika has studied with (among others) Saboura, Nath Keo, Denise Enan, Hadia, Sahra Seeda, Yousry Shariff, Aziza, Suzy, Karia (Ghwazee in Egypt), Mira Betz, Tito, Hindy Haymour, The Bedouin Dance Company, Suhaila Salimpour and Faten Salama.
Melika continually studies not only with her troupe, but with as many preeminent dancers in the world of belly dance she can, in order to strengthen and always improve technique, repertoire, and of course…to simply dance!!!
She has been the belly dance instructor at Soul Connexion Studios in NW Calgary since it's opening in September 2009.