Melika - Belly Dancer - Calgary, Alberta, Canada     403-383-3043
Informative Belly Dance Sites Best place in Calgary to buy anything belly dance or Egyptian - run by good friends Emad Adly and Carol Card - I HIGHLY recommend taking one of their Egyptian tours! detailed information on belly dance classes, performances and teachers in Calgary and across Canada - She has everything on it - seriously!!!– a wealth of information for the aspiring belly dancer, including star interviews, articles and some Arabic song translations. – online journal on Middle Eastern Dance - a site which sells tons of belly dance music, videos, costumes...another heavenly belly dance website! - a beautiful site which sells belly dance costumes and other supplies...there are some affordable prices here!
Teachers, Friends and Fish! – Jumanah is my belly dance teacher in Calgary, and founder of the Little Fish Belly Dance Company, a troupe I perform with.  She was the reason I wanted to take lessons once I saw her dance! Jumanah's new site for her Fusion Studios!  She will offer both belly dance classes and yoga classes.  She recently obtained her yoga teacher training through Yoga Passage of Calgary. Yoga has become a huge part of her life in the last few years, helping her to become more centered and aware of the connection between body and mind. Given her love of teaching, becoming an instructor in this ancient practice seemed like a natural progression. another Little Fish who is stunningly gorgeous - but comes by it naturally through her Egyptian blood! -yet another Little Fish - Afsana! – Daughters of the Nile Pro, Senior and Junior Troupe in Calgary, Alberta --I absolutely LOVE Aziza!!! - My buddy who is an amazing dancer in BC! - Fabulous friend Stephanie who runs Rebel Hips Studio up in Edmonton Stephanie's kick-butt oriental and tribal dance wear site...she's AMAZING at costumes!!! - Suzy Brisbin from Airdrie, AB - owner of Shimmy Dance Productions, and a ball of energy!!! Dafne and Arabian Adorned in Calgary - the girls from Nazira!! - Maya in Calgary - fantastic dancer! - the fabulous Suhaila Salimpour! Holly McWilliams - beautiful dancer, artist, and teacher in Calgary.